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Propel Consult specialises in the provision of 360° digital transformation initiatives to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) within the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) sector.


We offer cost-effective and scalable solutions for customer embarking on an RPA programme of work; from license allocation, development resource to full implementation and architecture management. We assist in establishing an RPA Centre of Excellence, enabling a knowledge-sharing hub where best practice, support and research is distributed amongst employees. Additionally, we offer training and mentorship enabling a company to not only maintain a program of work, but to empower them with the knowledge necessary to continue scaling.


Essential to every project is our guiding ethos: hard-work, friendliness, professionalism and partnership. As a testament to our established capabilities and first-class reputation, we are a Global Partner of Automation Anywhere, the leading global provider of RPA.

Realise Potential

Scale your RPA programme of work and transform your business.

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Skilled Resource

Our developers are Automation Anywhere v11, A2019 and IQ Bot certified.  


Our RPA solutions deliver tangible results in Return on Investment. 

Global Workforce

We help businesses worldwide to realise digital transformation through RPA. Wherever you may be based, we have the resource to revolutionise the way you work.


With the development of Enterprise A2019, Automation Anywhere’s newest intelligent cloud-based RPA solution, it has never been more achievable to deliver successful RPA solutions remotely.


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Automation Anywhere

We are partnered with Automation Anywhere, the world’s most widely deployed RPA platform. Throughout our five-year relationship with Automation Anywhere, we have worked on global cross-industry projects. Collaborating with Automation Anywhere on projects has enabled us to deliver successful results for our client base.


 “Propel Consult is a great organisation, their focus on excellence, dedication to customers and maturity in the intelligent automation space are very strong assets to enable success in the most complex digital transformation initiatives.”

Armando Capogrossi, Senior Program Manager at Automation Anywhere