CEOs are asking if automation is worth the effort. The verdict? A resounding 𝙮𝙚𝙨.

I was in a meeting with a potential customer yesterday who have been toying with the idea of starting their RPA journey.

The general consensus amongst their reasoning was that it is down to eventuality, that they are conscious their competitors are and they want the best experience for their customers and they want to find a way of funding a new customer initiative. By automating a series of tasks this will free up their time to spend more time with their customers.

When we hear that people/companies are unsure it normally is a lack of understanding or knowledge. That’s what we are here to do.

If you are unsure then please reach out as it’s not something to be fearful of, it’s not a replacement for humans or jobs it’s purely an evolution of technology in the workplace. A way to help with heavy lifting of manual tasks. If anything it’s an opportunity for a company to become personable again internally and externally; improving work life balance.

Our contact details are below, feel free to reach out. Unfortunately we don’t have a fax number!

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Industry leaders Tamas Hevizi, Michael Heric and Mark Benaquista share their thoughts in this Privcap Media interview:

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