The importance of RPA code reviews and health checks

Is your RPA programme of work gathering momentum or slowing down? What is slowing down the speed of scale?

Code reviews and health checks are an integral part to any scaling RPA programme of work. You will only get true evaluations and outcomes when a third party specialist is used. Why? You should never mark your own homework!

For the second time in as many months we have conducted a code review workshop with customers who have since engaged us for development resources. We are having to rework many of these processes that have already cost tens of thousands of pounds.

On both occasions the incumbent resource were from top tier consultancies, in some cases charging a third more per day on resources that have not delivered against customer expectations nor has the development been coded with correct standards, governance or sustainable code that can be re purposed hence slowing down the programme; yet costs keep rising and ROI is starting to get out of reach.

If you are scaling RPA and want a health check please contact me. This is a fairly quick process that will not be disruptive or intrusive and WILL NOT effect the pace and scale of work, it will only speed it up.

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