Remote Working: What it means for RPA

Tom Taulli at Forbes discusses how RPA can benefit and assist with remote working employees. He talks about how in the current Covid-19 climate the use of RPA can assist with easing the pains of re-structuring and organising employees when they are working from home. Ideas from using RPA bots to show employees how to access certain programmes and databases to assisting with customer service when call volumes are spiking are discussed.

The Insightful article clearly demonstrates that the future of work incorporates RPA to help ease the burdens of the unexpected and to allow for your employees and staff to excel at their roles and provide the essential value add work only humans can provide.

“Demand for RPA was already very high before the world shifted to working from home,” Mike Beckley, who is the CTO and co-founder of Appian. “And while RPA isn't a great way to help homeschool the kids, it is a great way to quickly change a legacy process. How many companies have had to adjust their paid leave and sick day policies in the last two weeks due to COVID-19? It's easier to program a bot than to rewrite your HR and Finance systems.”

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