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“Industry surveys found that 57% of SMEs fear that big business use of RPA will run them out of business

At Propel we believe there is a better way for SMEs to work. A more productive, innovate and beneficial way to allow your employees to thrive and develop your business.

A way to allow you to perform with your top competitors.

RPA allows for long, monotonous processes to be completed rapidly, accurately and consistently without taking away time from your employees.

We are passionate about its ability and development and are here to deliver a zero barrier, low entry cost SaaS RPA Solution for everyone.

 Robotic Process Automation.

Your future best friend at work.

RPA allows for these processes to be completed by a fleet of virtual workers or as we like to call them ‘Bots’. These Bots are designed to work exactly as your employees, just on a far greater scale and speed.


They essentially mimic rules-based processes without any re-structure or re-architecture of your existing applications.

Plus they can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

RPA removes the machine work from your employees and colleagues day to day life, benefiting your business with reduced costs and increased productivity, innovation and staff morale!


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Why Propel?

What makes Propel the best proposition for your business?

  • Industry leading Robotic Process Automation SaaS Solution

  • Zero Barriers to Entry

  • Low Entry cost

  • No Infrastructure re-organisation

  • World class developers and consultants

  • Infinitely Scalable

Our focus is on hiring and training developers to supply them to customers in the market looking to scale their RPA programmes of work.

Our team are all Automation Anywhere Master and Advanced certified developers.

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