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DATE - 05/11/2020


Propel Consult is thrilled to announce our partnership with Lean Six Sigma Business Excellence Institute (LSSBEI) to launch the virtual event ‘If you aren't digital then what are you?’. This event will encompass a discussion between our cross-sector thought-leaders regarding the digitisation of the workplace and what your company should be doing next to keep up with day to day unparalleled demand.


LSSBEI is a leading international education institute, specialising in the globally recognised business methodology, Lean Six Sigma. This disciplined approach focuses on organisational improvement, company transformation, and business excellence management strategies. The exciting collaboration of Propel Consult and LSSBEI unites Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Operational Excellence, which together mark the future of business. 


Throughout 2020, we have seen a global pandemic that has caused devastating and lasting effects, both individually and economically. In the current climate, this event is an opportunity to layout the challenges that businesses are facing and to reflect on their structure, way of working, and their journey going forward. Board room discussions should not be about survival, they should be about pivoting to a place of innovation, growth and sustainability.


Throughout the event we will hear from five guest speakers, all of whom will openly discuss their experiences regarding all business advancements over the past five years and what the future of the work-place will look like.


Rob Hughes
Consultant - Former VP Automation Anywhere & Everest
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​An accomplished commercial executive with over 25 years experience in growing services, knowledge, and product-based businesses in the global B2B arena. In the last six years Rob has worked for Everest Group and more recently Automation Anywhere (AA), the largest global vendor for Automation. As the VP Head of Marketing at AA he has played an integral part in the securement of their world record $500 million series A investment.

Alan Skinner - Founder of LSSBEI & Chair of Australian Business Excellence Framework
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A former chair of the Australian Business Excellence Framework committee, a senior evaluator in the Australian Business Excellence Awards and has also served on the panel of judges for the awards. Alan has been an Adjunct Lecturer in Teacher Education at the University of Western Sydney and the UTS Business School for many years; delivering the Business Excellence subject of the Master’s programs within the Management Discipline Group.

Matt Green
Co-Founder & MD of Propel Consult Limited ANZ

​With over 20 years experience in the services industry, Matt has driven business improvement through technology. At the forefront of his field, Matt has built a career by identifying the key success criteria for his clients and building them self-sustaining, scalable solutions. This process evolution has vastly reduced operational costs for businesses; saving in excess of £1 million pounds. Matt has experience working across all sectors globally for customers such as, but not limited to Santander, Goldman Sachs, BP, GlaxoSmithKline plc and London Stock Exchange.

Mark Outram - Founder of Propel Consult Limited

In 2018, Mark co-founded the automation consultancy Propel Consult Ltd. Propel strives to identify a companies’ needs and to deliver value at every stage of process development. Specialising in RPA, the goal is to discern processes that will drive optimal efficiency. As a testament to the company’s success, they launched their ANZ branch earlier this year. Moreover, evident of Mark's expertise in the field, he recently secured a Global Services Partnership to the world-leading vendor, in an industry worth an excess of $10 billion.

Louisa Pavis
COO & Head of Advisory for Innovation at Apater Capital

Prior to working in private equity, Louisa was the Global Head of Innovation at HSBC Investment Bank. At HSBC Louisa pioneered global innovation events to deliver strategic initiatives to businesses. Louisa will speak about her experience of navigating companies through digital revolution.

Daniel Ionita
Founding Director of LSSBEI
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​Daniel has over 20 years experience working as an operational excellence and high performance evangelist. Implementing varying methodologies across companies globally. Daniel has been a pioneer and mentor of operational excellence, applying these methodologies to enable already high performing companies to further thrive.

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