A message from Propel’s Founder, Mark Outram - Part 1.

Whoever decided to categorise generations has a lot of answering to do, it literally boils my blood every time I hear the word “millennial” used like a swear word! I want to tell a story of where I am now, a fellow millennial, albeit just! I wanted to demonstrate to all those narrow-minded “millennial” haters how wrong and misguided you are. I do understand it’s not entirely your fault. It isn’t your fault you haven’t had the positive experience I have, so let me share.

I am a proud founder of a company. I share this company with my colleagues, who I absolutely adore, respect and cherish. I feel like the luckiest guy to have them achieving success in a relatively short space of time.

So my “millennial” friends out there…

We need you right now - more than ever, because it’s you that is acting more responsibly than most. Showing the most courageous, mature and responsible approach to addressing long overdue issues the world has been plagued with for decades, in some cases centuries.

It’s you that will get us all out of pending earth-shattering recession and global economic crisis, so don’t give in to a diminishing millennial hating society!

Look at the most profound and long overdue actions taken in the last few years. The most eloquent arguments and movements making a difference right now are coming from you, fact! Emma Watson leading the charge on feminism. Josie Totah, alongside many others, making huge strides in the LGBT community. Greta Thunberg on environmental and climate change speaking on the world stage. Marcus Rashford leading the charge to change government policies around school dinners being appropriately distributed amongst less privileged families during school holidays. Prince William addressing mental health issues and Prince Harry incepting Invictus games. Anthony Joshua leading peaceful protests with Black Lives Matter, heart breaking it had to be at the cost of the life of George Floyd.

People may say “but they are all famous, it’s easy for them to do so”, NO! The vast majority worked extremely hard to get to where they are now, never giving up and are now in a position to have their voice heard.

When the nation needed us the most, it was you who stepped up in staggering numbers to help our National Health Service, volunteering to deliver essentials and medicine for the vulnerable. For narrow-minded millennial haters who see them as lazy, sponging, unrealistic idealists, vegan eating, saving the planet hippies, who don’t know they are born and doing what they can to avoid an honest day’s work..

STOP! Listen for a change!

Take a step back, use some emotional intelligence and think again.

It was YOU that created them and the digital age we live in after all!

It’s not their fault they were born into a time - ever-evolving technology is stream-lining processes that previously took hours and sometimes days to complete due to multiple mistakes and errors. It’s certainly not their fault they know how to use these technologies and it doesn’t make them lazy that they can do what you deem an honest day’s work in half the time because of it, and in my experience work just as hard, if not harder.

Ask yourself this… If you were asked to complete a task knowing full well that there was a far better, faster and more accurate way of executing it than the way you were instructed to do so. Knowing that you could still leave time to create value rather than diminish it on long winded processes that are dated and in need of change. Over time, wouldn’t you get frustrated?

Instead, join their way of thinking, encourage and inspire them to be great and use your knowledge and experience to leverage their ideas and opportunities, whilst guiding and mentoring them. Your legacy will only last if you do this, otherwise the minute you leave, its torn up and out the window along with your over-bearing mindset. You are just stifling growth in a time we need it most!

Propel Consult and I have only accomplished what we have to date because of my colleagues, who I acquired mostly out of university!

All I ask is to think again before you decide to put a glass ceiling over our future by squashing potential. Instead listen, use your maturity and wisdom to guide them.

Not everyone needs to follow your path to success, people need to go their own way and leave a trail. It is called innovation!