Enterprise A2019 Increases RPA Productivity

Top 4 benefits of Enterprise A2019

Sirisha Damarapati from Automation Anywhere, explains how the new cloud based A2019 can help increase productivity. As discussed within the article, research has shown that 68% of employees who can choose their own devices, Mac versus PC etc, are more productive and happier than those who cannot. Normally the requirements of business software dictate a companies preference to one product or another. A2019 eliminates this pain point, something PROPEL Consult supports entirely.

Discussing how A2019’s new ‘Thin’ client, the RPA client is stored purely server side and accessed only on demand by user, allows for universal access across a number of platforms, Sirisha lists the 4 top benefits of A2019 web-based technology:

1) Automate almost immediately due to lack of infrastructure and system installation

2) Automate on any device due to the requirement being only a web-browser

3) The ability to deploy automation from any location on nay device

4) Security - Credentials are not saved on any individual device but instead saved server side

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