CFOs & Finance Departments: What are the benefits of RPA?

RPA maximises opportunity for CFOs and finance departments to continually grow in an ever-evolving market, to stay current and competitive and manage curveballs that are thrown at them.

With RPA, the ability to incorporate real-time analytics, reduce errors and free valuable time and resources from the team ensures that CFOs can use their valuable time to focus on key areas of the business that enable them to expand market share.

Erick De La Fuente at Embark has looked at a few of the benefits that RPA provides CFOs and investigates where it could fit into your own business.

To summarise, the 5 key points are:

  1. Scalability & Enterprise

  2. Efficiency and Quality

  3. Insource and Control

  4. Competitive Advantage

  5. Governance and Compliance

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